With the increased impact of globalization, managing today`s organizations has become quite complex. Consumer has got wide choices and has become more demanding. Simultaneously, there is an explosion in the media sector with new avenues for advertising available. Hence, marketing of goods and services has assumed greater importance in today`s economic scenario. This 
course has been designed to impart latest knowledge on marketing principles and practices to students, including specialized areas like advertising, brand management, service marketing and marketing research.

Eligibility : Graduate in any discipline
Minimum Duration : Two Years
Maximum Duration : Four Years
Minimum Counselling : It is based on credits and one credit amounts to 15 hours counselling andhand-on experience at DESC.

Fee Structure, Examination & Re-registration Admission Includes :
1. Registration Fee : Rs. 750/- at the time of Admission only
2. Programme Fee : MBA -Rs 11,000/- per level/semester
3. Examination Fee : Rs. 750/- for each Semester/Level
    Examination : University will conduct examination at the end of every semester in the month of December and June

Re-Registration Includes :
1. Re-Registration Fee : Rs.250/-
2. Programme Fee : As mentioned above.
3. Examination Fee : Rs. 750/-
    Time of Re-Registration : Before start of new Semester / Level.