Director Desk

A message from Director

In today’s technologically advanced world, knowledge of computer is a prerequisite. The world is directly and indirectly dependant on the computers and software’s. Be it a small organization using Word processing software or a giant industry having cloud technology every industry prefers a candidate lettered with computing knowledge.

Due to these reasons technical education has become mandatory for this generation. We constantly strive towards imparting quality education to our people and help our respected Prime Minister in making INDIA to his dream DIGITAL INDIA.

Our objective is to provide high quality educational accessible to students from different strata and regions of the society at affordable prices.

It gives me immense pleasure in extending a hearty welcome to you all for choosing DATASOFT to fulfill your dreams of becoming one of the best professionals. The Institution strives to educate and nurture the unexploited talent of youth needed for the dynamic and highly competitive world we offer you an opportunity as a qualified persons
to the development of the nation and alleviation of suffering of humanity.

I wish you a great success in your career and in becoming good human being

Satya Prakash Singh
(MCA, NITAT Qualified and Microsoft Certified Professional)